Our Mission

Ben Byekwaso

My name is Ben Byekwaso, and I founded Giza Market in order to build a future for my community, and the communities of all those in Africa seeking to improve their lives.

I was born in Uganda and lived there my entire life before coming to the United States to seek a better opportunity to give back. Some tried to take advantage of my situation, but some helped me to find my path as I worked through the immigration process. I worked tirelessly in multiple jobs to save enough money to start Giza Market, and I am grateful that you are here to read our story.

There are so many issues that have limited the options of those in Africa. Most are rooted in poverty. It creates obstacles to our health and education, and leads to issues such as abuse, human trafficking, and disease. These issues aren’t simply headlines to us; most Africans face them on a daily basis. Many lack access to safe housing, clean water, and electricity, not to mention access to information and technology. Few can positively overcome the issues that prevent them from creating a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

I wanted to create solutions and provide opportunities for the people of Africa to transform their lives. Giza Market is an opportunity to offer their products and handmade goods to the world. We provides jobs and income for makers who would otherwise never be able to offer their products outside of Africa.

Through the Giza Project, we are trying to break the cycle of poverty. We provide jobs and cultivate the unique culture of Africans by providing their arts and goods to the world. And we build communities, one at a time. Our profits directly support families and individuals who yearn for a future.


Our first initiative within the Giza Project has been to invest in a community farm that supports several families that work together to grow crops on a commercial basis. We were able to purchase a tractor and necessary materials to begin cultivation. The farm not only provided food during a time when many crops had died in the region, but it also provided income by selling the harvest.

Investing in our culture not only contributes to individuals — this success is multiplicative. It creates self-sustaining communities that can then continue to build their future.

You can help provide the foundation they will build on.

If you have any questions about Giza Market or the Giza Project, or would like to partner with us, please email us at info@gizamarket.com